• 14Apr

    and I missed a lot.

    First: a confession. I’m a sporadic blogger at best, so you won’t see me posting early and often here.

    Meat: I missed manifestogate. I was following it via twitter (I’m @keithhudgins) that I caught from John Willis, and picked up Reuven Cohen who is, unbeknownst to me, one of the net-centric, non-corporate community organizers in the cloud world. This fiasco is what happens when corporate interests get involved in community efforts and find those efforts contrary to their goals. The Cloud Community Manifesto has some good goals behind it, but I’d rather see the businesses involved put some code and API’s where their wallets are. I’ll pontificate more about that in another post.

    Side: Ilya Grigorik had some thoughts about a nice analogy for cloud and new-style virtual resource platform architecture: the assembly line model. Really good stuff, you should take a look.

    Side: Google’s announced Java support for AppEngine. Kinda cool, this will get them some traction from the enterprise crowd. This also means, if you know anything about the JRuby stack (I don’t), you can run Rails apps at Google.

    Dessert: I just found Elastic Server by CohesiveFT. I’m impressed, we’ll be exploring this more in the future.

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